Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Zhejiang Tourism Newsletter 201708-2
    Despite the fact that it is autumn, it is still hot. To beat the heat, try the Quzhou Water Festival where a dozens of discounts are provided by the Quzhou Tourism Department.
    Zhejiang Tourism Newsletter 201708
    The Tenth Pujiang Grape Festival Started ;2017 Mount Xuedou Maitreya Cultural Festival;Yangzhou Cultural Heritage Comes to Hangzhou ;Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Art and Sample Exhibition ;Red Culture Tourist Spots in Zhejiang;
  • Zhejiang Tourism Newsletter 201706
    2017 Annual "Gongwang Fuchun" Culture Week; Ten Hangzhou Night Scenes ; Zhoushan Festival Cerebrations; The “Flower” of Chang’an – Tang Tri-color Exhibition ... Click for More Zhejiang updates
    Zhejiang Tourism Newsletter 201705
    Picturesque Pujiang;The Most Fascinating Terraces in Zhejiang; Places with the Freshest Air Hidden in Southwestern Zhejiang; Why Not Travel by Subway; The Most Challenging Skywalks in Zhejiang; Hot Shows in Zhejiang
  • Zhejiang Tourism Newsletter 201612
    Zhejiang Travel News At the time of the year when autumn changes into winter, the leaves on the trees change their hues. Whether in the mountainous area, in the countryside or in the city, the rule of nature works on all the creatures in the world. In autumn, the best season for sightseeing and...
    Zhejiang Tourism Newsletter 201608
    Closed-off Areas During the G20 Summit; Hangzhou Welcomes You; Hangzhou at a Glance; Hangzhou on the Right Track… Read on to learn more about What's New and What's Hot in Zhejiang.