Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

The Second Council of Zhejiang Library Was Established

On February 25th, the general election of Zhejiang Library Council & the first session of the second meeting was held. Diao Yuquan, member of the party group and deputy director of the Provincial Culture and Tourism Office attended the meeting; Chu Shuqing, executive director and librarian of Zhejiang Library, hosted the meeting.


The meeting reviewed and approved the “Zhejiang Library Regulations (Revised Draft)”, and elected Jing Xiandong, chairman of Ant Financial Co., Ltd. as the chairman of the board, and Wang Shuifu, party secretary and chairman of XIZI UHC as the vice chairman. A short appointment ceremony was held during the meeting to announce the list of members of the Second Council of Zhejiang Library. On behalf of the Provincial Culture and Tourism Office, Diao Yuquan issued the letters of appointment to 13 council members.


Diao Yuquan put forward three hopes for further promoting the work of the Council: Firstly, uphold the leadership of the party and give full play to the role of the library council; secondly, strengthen the mechanism and improve the system design of council operation; thirdly, give full play to the advantages and continuously improve the service efficiency of public libraries.

Jing Xiandong said that he would be committed to the combination of the “inclusive finance” business and the public welfare value of the library and would be better connected with more readers through commercial promotion and technical means in order to strive to further improve the service level and social awareness of Zhejiang Library.