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Go Waterfall Hunting Among the Mountains of Qiandao Lake

Feel enough of dull skyscrapers built of steels and cement and the scorching sunlight in the urban world? How about having a happy get-together with family members or friends and intimate contact with nature? Walk along a winding mountain road, watch gurgling streams in the forest flow around the hillside, be surrounded by lush plants and trees, feel extremely cool with a sense of refreshing ... Let's go waterfall hunting in the mountains of Qiandao Lake.


Jiupaojie (九咆界), which literally means "the area with nine roaring waterfalls" in Chinese, got its name from the nine roaring natural waterfalls of different shapes in the area. What set Jiupaojie apart from the rest are the rarely-seen coexistence of nine waterfalls in the southern part of the Yangtze River and its wondrous geological landscape, for example, the mountain rocks which are as abrupt as peaks and walls, and the floor rocks which resemble book pages with a clear sequence. Surrounded by enchanting views and friendly villagers, you will feel that even the air here is sweet.

Address: Pingmen Township in the north of Chun'an County 淳安县北部屏门乡境内

Qiandao Lake Grand Canyon

Inside Qiandao Lake Grand Canyon, there are two main rivers and four tributaries, which originate from the Qianligang Mountain Range, merge into Fenglin Port and eventually empty into Qiandao Lake. The water is clear, cool and refreshing. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 4300 kinds of tree species in the canyon. With rich vegetation and fresh air, Qiandao Lake Grand Canyon is a natural oxygen bar for leisure, relaxation and health maintenance.

Address: Dashu Town, Chun'an County 淳安县大墅镇境内

Jinfeng Canyon

Jinfeng Canyon (金峰峡谷) is located between Jinling Village and Pingqian Village, Pingmen Township, Qiandao Lake. It is about 4,000 meters long with strong primitive characteristics featuring abrupt peaks, lush forest, peculiar-shaped rocks, deep streams, crystal-clear water and postcard scenery in all four seasons. What's even more wonderful about it is that the creeks flowing through the valley create 15 waterfalls of different heights along the way. Each waterfall features a distinctive shape and pose, making it a rare sight.

Address: Zuokou Township, Chun'an County 淳安县左口镇境内

Hongshan'ao Ecological Gully

Hongshan'ao Ecological Gully (红山岙生态沟) is a golden business card of the most beautiful scenery in Hongshan'ao. The ecological gully has a length of 5,680 meters with many rivers and streams and an extremely high content of anions in the air. The most amazing thing about it is that the rivers and streams in the gully flow through many valleys, forming more than 30 large and small waterfalls, including five waterfalls over ten meters high and nine waterfalls between five and ten meters.

Address: Hongshan'ao Village, Anyang Township, Chun'an County 淳安县安阳乡红山岙村境内  

Yaoshan Township Waterfall

Yaoshan Township (瑶山乡) features colorful and unique rural conditions and customs, beautiful rural scenery and rich agricultural products. There is the historical site of ancient Qingquan Temple dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279), Yunxi (Cloud and Stream) Lounge Bridge from the Jiajing Period of the Ming Dynasty (1522-1566), several over-one-hundred-year-old ancestral temples, Fuyan Waterfall, Xian'gu Lingdong and Tianping Ecological Gully.

Address: Yaoshan Township, Chun'an County 淳安县瑶山乡境