Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Construction Starts for Zhijiang Cultural Center


On February 28, the commencement ceremony of major projects in Zhejiang Province aimed at expanding effective investment was held at the project site of Zhijiang Cultural Center in Zhuantang, Hangzhou. The highly anticipated Zhijiang Cultural Center has officially started construction. It is reported that the Zhijiang Cultural Center covers an area of 258 mu, with a total construction area of about 320,000 square meters (including about 165,000 square meters above ground and 155,000 square meters below ground).

It is reported that the construction project of Zhijiang Cultural Center in Zhejiang Province is the leading project of public cultural facilities construction during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. The overall orientation of this construction is a provincial comprehensive cultural center which integrates cultural and tourism development, public service and cultural consumption, traditional culture and organic living state. It makes full use of the unique location and resource advantages of the Zhijiang block and highlights its forward-looking, advanced, symbolic and unique characteristics. It also ensures that the layout is reasonable and scattered, the functions are perfect and the resources are shared. The main contents of the construction include the new provincial library, the new museum, the intangible cultural heritage museum, the literature museum and the supporting facilities.

Combining with the construction of Zhijiang Cultural Industry Belt, we should create a high-end cultural platform with distinctive features, promote the positive interaction between public cultural services, creative entrepreneurship, cultural and tourism integration and cultural consumption, and make it a first-class landmark cultural facility in the Yangtze River Delta and even a golden card of "cultural Zhejiang".


Among them, the new library is positioned as a comprehensive, research-oriented and modern knowledge information hub and regional library network center. The new museum is positioned as a display window of Zhejiang's history and culture, which guides the construction and exchange of regional public museums. The intangible cultural heritage hall is positioned as the living exhibition and life experience center of Zhejiang memory, highlighting the comprehensive, representative and exemplary nature of regional non-heritage protection. At present, the provincial non-heritage hall has launched a three-year collection work of provincial non-heritage hall collections. The Literature Museum is positioned as a comprehensive provincial-level literature venue, which integrates literary base, exhibition and information archives. It is owned by the Provincial Cooperative Association and built on behalf of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

The total investment of Zhijiang Cultural Center is estimated to be about 3.23 billion yuan,  which will be solved by the Provincial Finance Department as a whole. The location of the project was determined in 2013. After two rounds of competition, 86 design companies selected the final design plan. Since then, it has undergone many revisions. In order to highlight the public nature of the project, the design company specializes in creating a cultural park in the middle of the venue, which will become a good place for citizens to rest and be close to nature.