Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Have Fish in Qiandao Lake and An Abundant Year Ahead

Most people who visit Qiandao Lake for the first time, would fall in love with this place instantly for its beautiful scenery, simple folk customs and rich foods. Qiandao Lake is abundant in all kinds of fish for its "purest water in the world". According to the records of Qiandao Lake Fish Resources, there are as many as 114 kinds of fish in the Qiandao Lake.

What’s Special about Qiandao Lake Fish?

With a lake area of 573 square kilometers, Qiandao Lake is almost the same size with the country Singapore. Qiandao Lake Organic Fish is wild and because the water in Qiandao Lake is clear and the lake is large, fishes need to keep swimming so as to avoid being caught by human as well as to find food, which contributes to their natural delicate and tender mouthfeel. The water quality of Qiandao Lake which these fishes are living in is of national level and reaches the standard of drinking water without any treatment. The Chinese bottled water brand Nongfu Spring which is known for its "a little bit sweet" taste is sourced here. Therefore, it's no exaggeration to say that Qiandao Lake Fishes are living in Nongfu Spring.

Must-Eat Qiandao Lake Fish Dishes

Qiandao Lake Fish Head

When you come to the beautiful Qiandao Lake, the first to try is of course the delicious big fish head. There are many ways to cook Qiandao Lake fish head like steaming, stewing, boiling, etc. and no matter how it was cooked, the fish head dish is always delicious!

01 Braised Fish Head in Casserole

The soup is milky white and fragrant.

02 Fish Head and Beancurd Soup

It tastes fresh and mellow with complex mouthfeel.

03 Fish Head Soup

It features big and fat fish head in fresh and delicious soup.

04 Qiandao Lake Fish Head

It is favored for its abundant ingredients and fragrance permeating the air.

05 Eight Treasure Fish Head

The fish head is smooth and tender and the soup is smooth and delicious.

06 Steamed Organic Qiandao Lake Fish Head with Chopped Pepper

The dish is a perfect combination of color, aroma and taste. 

07 Steamed Qiandao Lake Fish Head with Sauced Pepper

The Fish Head meat is delicate, slightly sweet and delicious with agreeable aftertaste.