Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Enjoy the Scenic View of Qiandao Lake Through Land, Water & Air

Qiandao Lake is one of the most popular summer resorts in China, which is especially true in East China. It's not a sea, but it's the lake with the most islets in the world. It's not Mt. Mogan (a place known for its abundance of B&Bs), but in its lakeside and surrounding mountains hide a lot of good B&Bs. It offers you many ways to beat the summer heat: to play with water, you can take a canoe or kayak to the center of the lake to soak in the Nonfu Spring (a famous Chinese bottled water brand whose water source is in Qiandao Lake); for a car trip, you can drive to the depth of mountains to immerse yourself in the organic natural scenery. 


Kayaking in Nongfu Spring 

What do you think of kayaking in Nongfu Spring? Cool? Or scared to death? Kayaking is not a privilege for young people. With a professional instructor guiding you all the way, you can get it done easily no matter you are eight or eighty, as long as you feel young at heart. Kayaking on the Qiandao Lake, you will encounter no traffic jam, no noise, no pressure and no crowds, but only fresh air, crystal-clear water, surrounding undulating mountains and flying birds.

The Lakers Kayak Club of Qiandao Lake

Address: No. 108 Binhu Road, Qiandaohu Town 千岛湖镇滨湖路96号

Telephone: +86 15158019159 


Hot Air Balloon

Take the Yangtze River Delta's only hot air balloon to the sky to overlook the lakes and mountains of Qiandao Lake. Come to Qiandao Lake and have an unparalleled hot-air balloon trip. About 600 meters away from the pier of Qiandao Lake Central Lake District, you'll find the only hot air balloon club (Qiandao Lake Skylook Hot Air Balloon Club) in the Yangtze River Delta that meets the equipment standard of the international eight-grade hot-air balloon. Led by pilots who have participated in domestic and international flight competitions, here, you will fly over the Qiandao Lake, overlooking the lake and mountains which cannot be seen in a parallel vision. The experience is unique in the Yangtze River Delta.

Qiandao Lake Skylook Hot Air Baloon Club

Address: Qiandao Lake Village Club, Tian'e Mountain, Wanxiang Road, Qiandao Lake 千岛湖万向路天鹅山千岛湖乡村俱乐部

Telephone: +86 571 65030815 


Driving and Cycling Around the Lake

From the sky and water area of Qiandao Lake to land, there are still many leisure ways that I am sure urban people love to try, for example, self-driving. Having a car trip in Qiandao Lake along the lakeside roads, with no traffic jams, through the lake area, tunnels, small villages... With cool wind passing through the window, one won't feel the summer heat at all.