Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Qiandao Lake Scenic Area Real-Name Tickets

Notice on the Implementation of Qiandao Lake Scenic Area Real-Name Tickets

In order to improve the service quality and tourists' experience as well as upgrade the tourism service, Qiandao Lake Scenic Area will implement real-name ticketing and ticket checking from July 10, 2019.


Tourists entering Qiandao Lake should present their ID card, passport and other valid identification documents to purchase tickets and for ticket checking. Juveniles who have not yet gotten their ID cards can use other valid certificates such as student ID card and household register to purchase real-name tickets and for ticket checking.


After purchase, tourists should carefully check and confirm the ticket information, properly keep the admission tickets and ship/boat tickets, and keep the tickets tidy, so as to ensure the accurate identification of the tickets by the ticket checking machine and smooth pass.


Tourists who haven't had their tickets checked by ticket checking machines and want to get a refund for their tickets, can do so by presenting their admission tickets or ship/boat tickets and valid ID card used when purchasing the tickets; Tourists who purchased the tickets online can apply for refund online before checking; The admission ticket and ship/boat ticket which has been checked and verified shall not be refunded.


Tourists who hold full-amount tickets can enjoy quick ticket checking in the scenic area with their second-generation ID card or through face recognition. Visitors with other tickets need to present their second-generation ID cards and relevant preferential certificates for verification before entering the scenic area.


Ticket checking in the scenic area follows the principle of "ticket information and presented certificates in accordance with the person on the site". For tourists who cannot provide or refuse to provide valid identification documents and tourists who failed to follow the abovementioned principle, they can not enter.


Please actively cooperate with the real-name system, consciously abide by the scenic area management system, and support the management of on-site staff.

Easy ways to Purchase Qiandao Lake Tickets

You can book tickets online by searching the Chinese "千岛湖旅游官方平台 (Qiandao Lake tourism official platform)" on the home page of Alipay APP.