Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Lingshan Wonderland for a Dreamy Journey

This summer, the Lingshan Wonderland Scenic Area located in Lingshan Characteristic Town of Xighu District reopens after undertaking one month's renovation. The karst cave whose temperature stays 16 degree Celsius all year round is a great place for people to beat the summer heat. After the renovation, touring experiences are improved. 


The moment people enter it, they will be greeted by an air of coolness in a corridor called "Qingfeng Corridor" where decoration lights create a view of fireflies flying in the sky on the ceiling and a view of running water on the floor. Inside the cave, there is a mushroom-shaped stalagmite, which resembles a giant jellyfish in an ocean and with stalactites handing down from the cave ceiling, it's like the giant jellyfish is still swimming in the water. Gently pluck these stalactites and they produce the sounds like a Guqin.

On the left wall of the cave hall, there is a magnificent stone waterfall, which is tens of meters high and wide and is made of cocoon-like stalactites, rushing down.

There are many stones growing slowly in the Lingshan Cave and the most obvious one is "Shui Di Shui Shi (Water Dripping Down on a Sleeping Lion)." The stone resembles a sleeping male lion and the water droplets constantly drip from the ceiling of the cave hall down to it. Calcium carbonate precipitates in the water and condenses into a crystal-clear calcium shell on the "sleeping lion".

Viewing from the top of the cave, people will see differently shaped and colored stone views.

It's learned that Lingshan Fairyland is the only large karst cave landscape in downtown Hangzhou. Its history can trace back to over 1500 years ago. It is a vertical two-layer karst cave with a vertical height of 109 meters and covers an area of over 4000 meters. It was originally opened in May 1985. Because of its old age, the lighting facilities aged and the cave became dimmer and dimmer, which not only affects people's touring experience, but also pose potential dangers to visitors as well. 

This May, West Lake Culture and Tourism Group initialed the overall upgrade project of Lingshan Cave lighting with the theme of "A Dream Back to Lingshsan Cave, A Dreamy Trip". The exposed pipes and wires have been re-laid; lighting facilities enhancing the appearance of stalactites and stalagmites have been improved by using sounds, lights, digital equipment, etc. to create an immersive light show.

Address: Lingshan Cave Scenic Area, Shuangpu Town, Lingshan Village, Xihu District 西湖区双浦镇灵山村灵山洞风景区内

Ticket: 60 CNY per person

Hours: 8:00-16:30