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First Section of Hangzhou Metro Line 5 Is in Operation!

The first section of Hangzhou Metro Line 5 is in operation and it, extending from Chuangjing (创景) Station (exclusive) to Shanxian (善贤) Station, is about 17.76 kilometers long. The whole section is located underground and connects Yuhang District, Xihu District and Gongshu District from west to east.

There are altogether 12 stations in the first section of Metro Line 5, including three transfer stations: Sanba (三坝) Station for Line 5 and Line 2, Hemu (和睦) Station for Line 5 and Line 10 (under construction), and Shanxian (善贤) Station for Line 5 and Line 3 (under construction). Sanba Station is the only transfer station in the initial period of operation.

The 12 stations are Shanxian (善贤) Station, Gongchen Bridge East Station, Grand Canal Station, Hemu (和睦) Station, Pingshui Street (萍水街) Station, Sanba (三坝) Station, Zhejiang University Zijin'gang Campus Station, Jiangcun (蒋村) Station, Wuchang (五常) Station, Yongfu (永福) Station, Hangzhou Normal University Cangqian Station and Liangmu Road (良睦路) Station.

One-Way Trip: 32 Minutes

Metro Line 5 uses AH type train, which is the first to do so in Hangzhou. This kind of train is 120 meters in length and 3.08 meters in width, and has six carriages. Its maximum speed is 80 km/h. From Shanxian Station to Liangmu Road Station, the one-way travel time is about 32 minutes (including stopping time). The highest fare is five yuan.

The Latest Operation Schedule

In its initial operation period, the train runs every 8.5 minutes during the whole day. The service time of the first section of Metro Line 5 is consistent with that of the existing subway lines 1, 2 and 4. The departure time of the first and last trains is 06:00 and 22:30 respectively. The specific schedules of the first and last trains for each station are as follows:

Better Service Waiting for You to Experience

The first section of Metro Line 5 adopts the new type swinging gate brake and integrates the scanning code camera. All gates support UnionPay and Hangzhou Metro APP/ Alipay APP/ Hangzhou Office Service APP/ Hangzhou Citizen Card APP and the Yangtze River Delta interconnected urban metro APP QR Code scanning.

The first section of Metro Line 5 is equipped with new-type electronic inquiry LED screens, which provide people with self-service inquiry services about travel guidelines, routes, station surroundings, timetable, ticket purchase, and the map of the station for the public, as well as baby care rooms and unisex restroom to provide more thoughtful services for passengers.

Travel Faster in the Future

After the opening of the first section of Metro Line 5, the operating mileage of Hangzhou Metro will increase to 135.3 kilometers. For the first time, the metro network covers blocks such as Shangtang, Gongchen Bridge, Xiaohe, Hemu and Xiangfu in Gongshu District, Jiangcun in Xihu District, Wuchang and Cangqian in Yuhang District. The history of metro "gap" in the densely populated west of the city has come to an end. The development in the north of the city and of the high-tech corridor in the west of the city will be with might doubled. Citizens’ travel will be more convenient and comfortable. 

Hangzhou Metro Group will continue its efforts to speed up the construction of the 2nd section of Metro Line 5 (i.e. Lvting Road (绿汀路) Station - Chuangjing Road (创景路) Station, Shanxian (善贤) Station (excluding) - Girls Bridge (姑娘桥) Station) and the Hangzhou-Lin’an Intercity Railway, and strive to realize the opening of the whole line 5 and Hangzhou-Lin’an railway by the end of the year.

At the same time, all the lines under construction will be promoted in an all-round way. It is planned to build a rail transit network with 13 lines and a total mileage of 516 kilometers before the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou.