• Hangzhou urban balcony
  • Hangzhou urban balcony
  • Hangzhou urban balcony
  • Hangzhou urban balcony
Hangzhou Urban Balcony
Name in Chinese :杭州城市阳台
Opening Hours:7/24
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:The intersection of Zhijiang Street and East Jiefang Street, Jaing’gan District, Hangzhou City


Hangzhou Urban Balcony is located in the Qianjiang new CBD. There is one major and two sub-balconies in total, and all are open and vibrant modern city parks that integrate relaxation and entertainment.

The main balcony is on the central axis of the new CBD, with a length of about 322 meters, most of it suspended above the Qiantang River. It’s worth mentioning that it stretches out 80 meters from the jetty. The whole balcony is divided into two levels encompassing a structural area of over 48000 square meters.

In the north and south of it are two sub-balconies. No.1 balcony stretches from Qingjiang Street to East Jiefang Street, which covers an area of about 140,000 square meters. No.2 balcony has an area of 120,000 square meters across Xinye Street to East Qingchun Street.  

You can not only watch the tides and have leisure time but also drink tea or enjoy coffee in the urban balcony. In addition, you can ramble around and even ride bikes on it. There is a 3.5-meter-wide green asphalt cycle-way which runs through the entire balcony from south to north.