Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Chun'an –the Wise Tourist City

Chun’an County is one of the first experimental counties of Wisdom Tourism in Zhejiang Province and one of the first creating units of All-for-one Tourism experimental country. In recent years, with more and more wisdom projects put into practice, Qiandao Lake Scenic Area becomes more and more convenient for tourists and is listed as one of the top one hundred scenic areas Wisdom Tourism.

Chun'an –the Wise Tourist City

Mobiles Can Settle All Here

In Qiandao Lake Scenic Area, there are more than 120 wireless AP hot spots which allow nearly three thousand people to enjoy the fast Internet access at the same time, and 322 AP hot spots installed in more than 150 cruises. Many tourist functions, such as ticket booking and online maps and so on, are also available through the Qiandao Lake Tourism Official Wechat Account. In terms of parking, Qiandao Lake has published a “Parking Guide Services Network”, where you can get the real-time information about the parking lots.

Besides, tourists also can get an online tourist map through the official Wechat account. The map is intelligent to help you to arrange tourist itineraries, find all kinds of tourist resources, such as scenic areas, hotels, restaurants and so on. In the near future, tourists also can get a free guide in the Wechat.

Chun'an –the Wise Tourist City

Greenways of Wisdom

Cycling is always the characteristic of Qiandao Lake. To guarantee tourists’ personal safety, Qiandao Lake has installed thermal imaging and monitoring equipment at the exits and the entrances which achieves whole section bi - directional Monitoring and helps get comprehensive statistics.

In addition, the 3D drawing of seven villages of Chun’an County is implemented with the real-time online maps to make real-time augmented reality for tourists. There are LED display screen set in the greenway, which is used to show useful information, including early warnings, safety information, information about the surroundings, regular information and so on.