Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Shenzhen Town –the Forest Hot Spring Town

Shenzhen Town is a town formed between the Tiantai Mountain and the Siming Mountain, and thus has generated an ancient and profound culture of forest hot spring. As soon as stepping into the little village, you feel like bursting into a great nature for the continuous green forest, quite clear waters and refreshing air. Besides that, what most fascinates you is its distinctive cultural deposit.

More than one thousand years ago, Luo Yin, a famous poet, has wrote a beautiful poem to describe the sceneries here, including abundant remaining buildings, primitive historical landscapes and far-reaching cultural landscapes. For instance, the First Bridge in Goubei, Yuying Academy, Double Branches Temple, Xiaoyou Hall, Lin’s Ancestral Hall, Canggong Stone Pagoda and so on. These precious historical relics have witnessed the ups and downs of the village and lay a great foundation to the development of the Shenzhen Nostalgia Culture Experience District.

Shenzhen Town –the Forest Hot Spring Town

From this year on, Shenzhen put forth effort on the construction of the first Nostalgia Culture Belt in Ninghai which is 30 kilometers long. From the sand field to the Sea-view Hump, footpaths landscapes, B&Bs, culture, agriculture, delicacies and other resources are integrated in this tourist experience belt.

Shenzhen defines being the forest hot spring tourist destination in the Yangtze River Delta and famous Hot Spring Health Preserving Town as the career objective and the development direction in the next few years. With the certain theme of the hot spring, it gives prominence to the construction of hot spring projects, such as resorts, public hot springs, water amusement parks, outdoor sports and so on. And in the next year, Shenzhen will hold China Forest Hot Spring Culture Festival to popularize the hot springs here.