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Live in Shaxi Village in Winter

In the northwestern Lishui downtown hidden a distinctive and nationally amorous village called Shaxi Village, Laozhu Town. It is not only the most concentrated village of She Nationality in Zhejiang Province, but also a cultural tourism village abutting East and West Cliff Scenic Area, the National AAAA Level scenic area.

Stepping into Shaxi Village, you will feel yourselves immersed in the strong air of She style. Dozens of traditional houses of She Nationality made of wood and mud are scattered all over, some of which was built in Qing Dynasty, some of which was built in the Republican China and some of which is built in the 1970s or 1980s. Here, even the newly built western-style buildings made of bars and concrete unavoidably have She style.

B&B in the Shaxi Village

In Shaxi Village, poetic and serene B&Bs are found everywhere. Living here is a nice choice, for instance, waking up by the gentle breeze from the East and West Cliff, eating fresh green vegetables, sleeping in the beautiful scenery of the 800-kilometer river.

B&Bs are built with the cob wall and grey tiles, neither delicate nor attractive at the first sight indeed. But that is truly primitive simplicity that most fascinated people. Here, you can taste the fresh vegetables cooked by mothers of She Nationality, wear the straw sandals weaved by fathers of She Nationality, climb on the East and West Cliff to appreciate the wonderful Danxia landform, experience the authentic folk customs of She Nationality in the roads of the village.

Fine Wine
Every festival, families here will brew several tanks of Shanha Wine in advance for the customers who drink three cups of wine at first when visiting. It is a tradition passed down from ancestors. Shanha Wine is also a traditional wine for She Nationality, which is brewed from clear spring.

Fine Wine

Folk Customs
She Nationality is a pious people keeping faith in totem and religious worship. They dance in the worship to express their strong and positive spirit. Actually, their dance seems simple and rough, but it is full of the charm of the She Nationality. Dancers, wearing the bare shirts and lotus chaplets and holding a broadsword, act like their ancestors to drive birds and beasts while sweeping.

  Folk Customs