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Winter –the Best Season for Lishui

Winter comes and it becomes colder and colder. With the yellowing or falling leaves, it is the high time to discover some primitive roads buried by time.

Kuocang Ancient Road (括苍古道)

Kuocang Ancient Road, built in the beginning of the Song Dynasty, stretches from the Fan Villa, Dongdu Town, Jinyun County to Yanquan Street, Lishui City for approximately 25 kilometers. It was the main road between Wenzhou and Chuzhou (Lishui) and the substantial road from Yujiang River Basin to the capital of the county in ancient times.

Kuocang Ancient Road

Since ancient times, this ancient road seemed to have a magic power which attracted a number of officials who were likely to go through this road and left lots of universal stories. That is why people live around this road call it “official road” or “the road to the capital”. Now, there are still Peach Blossom Hill, Quejinguan Village, Dultiful Son Memorial Gateway and so on remained.

Guanling Ancient Road (官岭古道)

Guanling Ancient Road is a link between Guanling Village and Lishan Village. Preserved well, it is endowed with beautiful sceneries on both sides, and rambling on it, you can take a deep fresh breath, hear the most natural sound and appreciate the distinct forest sceneries. It is particularly popular to shutterbugs for the mottled trials, criss-cross rivers, dense forest and clusters of villages.

Guanling Ancient Road

Plum Field Ancient Road (梅田古道)

Plum Field Ancient Road, located amidst Xiandu Village, Liandu District, was unknown for the exact reason of the construction. There are two possible stories. One is that Yang Jian, the Wen Emperor of Sui Dynasty, built it to establish the contact with Chuzhou (Lishui), the other is the empire of Song built it for a more convenient government after the movement of capital to Lin’an (Hangzhou).

Plum Field Ancient Road

Though not as bustling as that time, the ancient road retains its primitive simplicity. Ancestors in the Plum Village decorated the road with plum trees on the both sides. Every time the blossom of the plum, standing here, you will feel yourselves overwhelmed in the red plum blossom sea. Also, the terraces on the both sides and the frost on the road helps make a unique scenery of plum field.

Jigou Ancient Road (稽勾古道)

Jigou Ancient Road, located at the junction of Liandu District, Jinyun County and Wuyi County. Built in the Sui Dynasty, it is famous for passing through Jigou Hill. It starts from the Wangjing Entrance, passes through North Guo Bridge, Flower Street, Linzhaikou, Chainongkou, Taiping, Xiao’an, Double River, Hongdu, goes along the east bank of the Xiao’an River, and finishes Wuyi County. It is 260 kilometers long in total.

Jigou Ancient Road