• Hangzhou West Mountain Fores
  • Hangzhou West Mountain Fores
  • Hangzhou West Mountain Fores
  • Hangzhou West Mountain Fores
Hangzhou West Mountain Forest Park
Name in Chinese :杭州西山国家森林公园
Opening Hours:24 hours
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:+86 571 8735 9815
Address:near No.234 Longwu Tea Village, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province


Hangzhou West Mountain Forest Park, located in the center of Xihu District, is 10 kilometers far away from the center of Hangzhou City. It has a large area of 1381 acres and dedicates to a high forest coverage rate of 96.7 percent, which produces seven thousand negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter. Thus, it becomes a natural forest oxygen bar and the green lung of Hangzhou, and here, you can take a deep breath to regain your long-lost carefree mind.

The forest park boasts an abundance of beautiful sceneries and wins a lot of “only” reputations. For example, Ruyi Peak –the highest peak in downtown Hangzhou with an elevation of 537.3 meters, on the top of which you can take a breath-taking overview of Hangzhou City and a wonderful convergence of three rivers; Linshan Cave –the only cave in downtown Hangzhou, which lies a second biggest stalagmite in the world; Bailong (White Dragon) Flying Waterfall –the only natural waterfall in downtown Hangzhou, which resembles a white dragon diving into the pool and stirring the water; and West Mountain Tourist Pathway –the longest tourist pathway in China with a length of 108 kilometers.

The forest park has been divided into three parts, each of which has different tourist functions: Lingshan Mountain Area for climbing and cooling, Longwu Area for exercising and outdoor activities, Daqing Valley for training and cultivation experiencing. For tourists who are fond of sightseeing, Lingshan Cave in Lingshan Mountain Area is reputed as the “idyllic land” beside West Lake, where all sorts of limestone are easily seen everywhere. For tourists who prefer experiencing local customs, there are many villages providing all kinds of cultural experience programs.