Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Mount Zhu – a mountain between the sea and sky

Mount Zhu keeps in low profile but with unvarnished beauty, it still attracts young girls and boys to camp and picnic here.

Nestled at the southeast side of the Xiangshan Harbor and the junction of Xianxiang town and Tuci town, Mount Zhu is 541.5 meters above the sea level and is surrounded by a mass of villages such as Zhuxi Village, Zhushan’ao Village, Xiayuan Village and Shanchang Village, where villagers still live a traditional peasant life that starting the daily work at sunrise and stopping at sunset. Visitors can enjoy idyllic scenery here, especially in spring time when peach blossoms are blooming marvelously, and chickens and ducks are chasing each other in the gardens. 

Lying at Xiangshan Harbor and joining hands with the sea, the imposing Mount Zhu looks like a sleeping Chinese dragon, protecting the people. When the sun is verging towards the horizon, the shadows of returning birds are stretched the pure reed field looks like a sea of snow and when the night falls, the sky is lit by countless sparkling stars. The natural beauty throughout all seasons of this place will definitely win compliments from visitors.

When winter comes, a season in the name of depression and desolation, Mount Zhu still shines in its winter glory. People dwelling in the south part of China are crazy about snow due to its rareness and Mount Zhu, covered with a white carpet of snow, will definitely satisfy visitors in providing marvelous snow scenery.