Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

University students get a close-up look of life in China

More than 200 undergraduates from top universities in the United Kingdom, including Oxford and Cambridge, recently took part in a three-week Study China tour.

The program this year included lessons in Chinese, calligraphy, tai chi and history, and tours to major tourist sites in or around Shanghai, such as the Shanghai Museum and the Bund, as well as Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, about three hours by car from Shanghai.

Speaking about the tour, Huang Meixu, the director of the International Education Center at the East China Normal University, says: "It's a privilege to deepen the understanding and friendship between the people in China and the UK through this program. "Young people from diverse cultures who gathered in Shanghai immersed themselves in Chinese culture, and got a view of the social and economic development of the nation. "As for Chinese students, their global horizons are sure to be broadened, along with their communication skills."

Speaking about the cross-cultural interaction she witnessed during the camp, Wang Kai, a calligraphy teacher in the program, says: "Many British students used calligraphy to create gifts for their Chinese host families, which showed their emphasis on etiquette. "Also, instead of writing in a traditional way, they created their own styles, which was really interesting and innovative."

Source: China Daily