Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Unique Beautiful Fishing Town

Situated in the eastern part of SijiaoIsland, the tourist town of Wulong Township is surrounded by the sea on three sides. On the pieces of flat land in the seaside mountain ranges, fishermen had been sheltering themselves from the wind and breeding to this day.

Sea Island

Wulong Township Tourist Town is located in the east of Sijiao Island, facing the boundless East China Sea.Here surrounded by mountains and sea, you can shelter from the wind and keep home at peace if you retreat, and can also go fishing to celebrate the rest of the year if you head for the sea.Go to Liujingtan, in front of the pure white lighthouse at the end of the island, to wait for the round red sun setting into the sea, while illuminating the sea stone forest and the seaside trees.The early morning of the island is so clear, moist and adorable.You can also go to the eastern end of the Heshangtao to have a look. In a winter afternoon, when the sun is particularly warm, walk along the coastal wooden plank road, while listening to the wave sound, you can also overlookthe Huanglong Islandacross the clear sea level.

Fishing Town

In Wulong "charming fishing town"Tourist Town, the sea view and the ecologyis all natural.In this fishing town, fishing villages with the same root and origin are all endowed with inheritance and innovation. The legends of fishing town formed the town’s unique temperament.You can go to the warm and elegant BianjiaoVillage to have a look, where folk houses are all facing south. The whole fishing village is painted in 21 colors. Bright yellow, orange red, or light brown, it presents a"warm" village landscape, and is the first "color art village" in Zhoushan City.

Fishing Customs

The town is also unique because of the island fishing customs created by fishermen during their life and work.Shengsi fishermen's colorful and graceful paintings, with the most festive color, record the daily life, and depict the most sincere wishes of fishing people for life.The rough and bold fishing songs when fishermen cheer up themselvesduring work can also be heard in the wind, which ring out day by day in the cultural square of the BianjiaoVillage.

The sunshine on the island in winter is warm. Don’t you want to encounter a beautiful fishing town?Such a tourist townis just the place that has the vacation and life you yearn for, isn’t it?