Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Newly Developed Ancient Paths

Xuedou Mountain

Xuedou MountainAncient Path is situated between Jidong ZhibuPit and An Village, where there is a long stream and numerous waterfalls of different sizes in the valley. Snow-white mountain water springs out from the stone gap, pours down rapidly, hence the ancient name “Xuedou”. when autumn comes, you can look for the stunningly beautiful metasequoia group in the deep valley. And the whole  mountain would be full of beautiful scenery and legends.

Taoyan Mountain

Taoyan MountainAncient Path is an ancient official road with a history of more than 1,000 years and over 1,400 stone steps well preserved.The ancient maples, terraces, temples, houses and other buildings left by the ancient path are also of historical and cultural value.Green bamboo, long ancient path, bamboo shadows, here there is no noiselike in scenic spot, only masterpieces of ancient poets and scholars spread.It is a very peaceful and quiet place to enjoy autumn.

Zhiling Ancient Path

There are many hundreds of years old ancient ginkgo trees beside the creekbetweenZhiling Village and Maoshantou Village, which is one of the best places to appreciate ginkgo in Ningbo.Zhiling Village has long been moved away because of the reservoir construction. So now it is an abandoned small village. Only a few old villagers are still living there because they do not want to leave the place where they have lived for a long time.

Huangnan Maple Ancient Path

Huangnan Ancient Path is an important trade path between Tiantai and Linhai in ancient times. Along the ancient path, on one sidethe tall maple trees are standing in line on both sides. On the other side, there are endless terraces stretching for more than 10 miles. Every year in the late autumn, colors here resemble oil paintings are so intoxicating that you cannot miss it!

Huihang Ancient Path

Huihang Ancient Path was built in the Tang Dynasty. With nearly a thousand years of history, it preserves many ancient villages, ancient gateways, ancient stone roads, ancient bridges, ancient tea kiosks, ancient trees and so on.As the top of the ten  best outdoor routes in east China, Huihang Ancient Path in autumn is filled with golden reeds and extraordinary scenery!

Wuyue Ancient Path

Wuyue Ancient Pathis the construction of the ancient states of Wu andYue. It was built according to the mountain lie. The stone road now preserved basically integratedis about 15 kilometers long. Enter from Anhui and exit inZhejiang, we would pass Wuyue Ancient Path - Qianqing Gate - Heaven Pool - Tianlong Grand Canyon. From October to November,with golden reeds, blue lake, water-colored sky,  surrounded by hills and valleys, it is worth a visit.