• Fuchun Taoyuan Scenic Area
  • Fuchun Taoyuan Scenic Area
  • Fuchun Taoyuan Scenic Area
  • Fuchun Taoyuan Scenic Area
Fuchun Taoyuan Scenic Area
Name in Chinese :富春桃源景区
Opening Hours:08:30-16:30
Admission Fee:90 yuan
Telephone:No information currently available
Address:Xukou Town, Fuyang County, Hangzhou City


Located in Xukou Town, the national AAAA level scenic spot – Fuchun Taoyuan Scenic area has an overall area of 15 square kilometers. It is divided into five parts – Yanling Lake Water Park, Primitive Yezhu Forest, Heaven-like Cave, Dancing Grassland and Land of Peach Blossom. With an area of 28,000 square meters, the Heaven-like Cave is reputed as the largest cave in Asia and boasts fantastic landscapes. The tranquil and serene Yanling Lake hosts the novel bamboo rafting water entertainment program. The Primitive Yezhu Forest is endowed with an advanced and unaffected eco-environment. Hence the entire Taoyuan Scenic Spot is the most characteristic attraction composed of mountains, lakes, forests and a cave in the Eastern China.

With an area of three square kilometers, the fairy Yanling Lake is filled with crystal clear fresh water. Surrounded by rolling mountains, the beautiful lake view and lush forest form a delightful contrast. It’s already been developed into a water tourist area, which has several water amusements such as Characteristic Bamboo Rafting and Speed Dragon Boat. Tourists can ramble around, drink tea and swim, and have a leisurely and relaxing time here.  

The vigorous Natural Yezhu Forest has a fresh and quiet environment where you can experience the wonderful nature. The Shenchang Amusement Park, Exciting Rope Bridge, Rope Up and Rappelling in this forest are extremely tempting. In addition, there is a light-rail train in the hillside, which is connected to the Heaven-like Cave.

The Heaven-like Cave boasts a 20-meter-high stalactite called Jade Optimus Prime. The apex of this cave can reach 24 meters and there are 23 groups of various magnificent and miraculous scenic stones. Tourists can take the sightseeing cable car directly to the entrance of the cave.

The Dancing Grassland is nestled near the mountain and river. There are plenty of tourist programs, such as Forest Tea Bar, Water Playing Platform, Beach Barbecue and Bird’s Fishing by the lake. The tranquil tracks and cozy wooden houses will make you hesitate to leave and are excellent places to relax.